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Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp with acupuncture needles Our chiropractic clinic offers many kinds of healing modalities, each of which complements the others' effectiveness. However, these individual modalities also have their own variations. For instance, the ancient healing practice of acupuncture focuses both on general needling techniques and forms that focus on one part of the body. If you have never heard of scalp acupuncture, read on to learn more about how this technique, Drs. Benjamin & Melissa Stout, might help you overcome your particular health challenges.

What Is Scalp Acupuncture?

Acupuncture has relieved pain and illness in patients for thousands of years, beginning with its origins in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The traditional form of acupuncture makes use of acupuncture points throughout the body, with different combinations of needles achieving different objectives. More recently, acupuncturists have developed techniques that use acupuncture on just part of the body, including the ear and the scalp.

The basic premise behind scalp acupuncture is that the scalp contains acupuncture points that can deal with practically any kind of physical ailment. The strategic insertion of needles to a shallow depth in the skin can correct imbalances in all parts of the body. However, scalp acupuncture seems especially effective at addressing neurological symptoms and issues such as chronic nerve pain, multiple sclerosis, head or spinal cord injuries, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, paralysis, and stroke.

A Typical Scalp Acupuncture Session With Drs. Benjamin & Melissa Stout 

Scalp acupuncture uses the same kind of fine needles as those used in traditional acupuncture (with even finer needles reserved for pediatric patients). These needles should cause you no pain during the 30 to 45 minutes you may expect a typical scalp acupuncture session to last. However, you might notice some odd sensations of heaviness or "electric" tingling during your session.

While multiple sessions usually yield the best results for any kind of acupuncture, you may notice a significant improvement in your condition with just 1 to 3 sessions. Our chiropractic team may also recommend other forms of treatment to enhance the results you get from scalp acupuncture.

Most people can safely receive scalp acupuncture. Exceptions may include cases of severe hypertension, pregnant patients with a  history of miscarriage, and scars on the scalp that might interfere with needling.

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